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What Test-Driven Scaffolding (TDS) does...

This package is intended to make it almost trivially easy to develop unit-test methods for function members in a Visual Studio Solution. Having added to the Solution a Project (called “TDS”) that provides some optional reporting services, one may use a C# code snippet, “TdsTest”, to insert a generic unit-test method into the TDS Project.  This new TDS method, suitably customized, may call a function member elsewhere in the Solution to assist in tracing and debugging it, or may perform simple unit tests on the function member. The TDS method is also compatible with NUnit and with Visual Studio Test, and may perform unit tests under their control instead of using the built-in TDS test reporting facility.


See the attached TDS User's Guide (on the DOWNLOADS tab) for instructions and examples.  The files accompanying the TDS User's Guide are contained in the attached TdsSource file.




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